Performance Review: ‘Legally Blonde The Musical’ is ‘a joy to watch’


Photo by Caroline Burns for The Lafayette

‘Legally Blonde The Musical’ features Lauren Stango ’22 as Elle Woods, sorority girl turned Harvard Law Student.

With powerful vocals, incredible choreography and unmatched chemistry, the upcoming production of “Legally Blonde The Musical” will leave audiences feeling So Much Better! 

From April 21 through April 23, the Marquis Players and Director Timmy Mayrose ‘23 will present a creative, modern and brilliant twist on the classic musical. 

After sorority president Elle Woods is rejected by her college boyfriend Warner, she follows him across the country to Harvard Law School. Accompanied by her Greek chorus of sorority sisters, she meets friend and love interest Emmett, Warner’s new flame Vivian, intimidating Law Professor Callahan, fitness queen turned defendant Brooke Wyndham and instant best friend Paulette. In the process, Elle discovers layers of herself she never knew existed and surpasses the expectations of everyone around her.

Lauren Stango ‘22 dazzles as Elle, truly making the iconic role her own. Her chemistry with Cormac Hurley ‘24 as Emmett felt so authentic, natural and compelling. Nathan Hansford ‘25 stole the show as Warner with his charisma, charm and incredible voice. 

Mackenzie Polgreen ‘25 masterfully handled Vivian’s challenging character arc of going from Elle’s competition to one of her dearest friends, and Billy Devito ‘22 brought Professor Callahan to life in a way that made him a compelling villain. Emmy Hatke ’25 and her portrayal of Paulette was positively captivating; her accent was spot on and her vocals were awe-inspiring. 

Alex Thurtle ‘24 as Brooke impressively led an ensemble of extremely talented dancers in the difficult number “Whipped Into Shape.” The ensemble of sorority sisters was a joy to watch. They each made sure to engage with the scenes and with each other even when they were not the focus. Ella Teitsch ‘23 as Serena was a true standout, elevating numbers like “Positive” and “Bend and Snap.” 

Two featured ensemble actors who went above and beyond with their roles were Peter Canevari ‘23 and Alessia Valentino ‘22. They both showcased stunning voices, and Canevari’s comedic timing shone through in each line he delivered.

Mayrose’s attention to detail and creative vision was at the center of the show every step of the way. Small moments—such as having Margot read a law book upside down and casting the same actors as Elle’s parents and the admissions officers—were so inventive and memorable. 

One highlight of this production was the pit of extraordinarily gifted musicians led by the very talented Corey Beck ‘22. Furthermore, Calum McConnell ‘25 balanced many complex sound cues and microphone needs flawlessly. Emily Taub ‘22 handled lighting that mirrored the story perfectly in tandem with Master Electrician and Programmer Hayden Fisher ‘22.

Unfortunately, this weekend’s performances are sold out. However, if you were lucky enough to secure a ticket: run, don’t walk, to see this delightful show. Just try not to break a heel.