Easton police continues investigation after ‘suspicious activity’ reported near Wawa


Photo by Emma Sylvester for The Scoffayette

Public Safety said that Easton Police Department is currently looking for a suspect.

All Lafayette students received an email from Public Safety on Oct. 12 detailing an “incident of suspicious activity” outside of the local Wawa on Cattell Street. 

Director of Public Safety Jeff Troxell said that the Easton Police Department had heard about a man in an SUV asking students if they wanted to purchase drugs. 

“So the county called us, and it was a … dark SUV with tinted windows and that individual had stopped a customer in the parking lot,” Troxell said. “So the individual was in their vehicle. This car pulled up next to them and they offered them drugs.”

Annie Hathaway ‘23, who lives off-campus near Wawa, said that she heard the night before that her friend had her picture taken by the individual in the SUV.

“I was really creeped out,” Hathaway said. “I got that text … and I was like ‘maybe I’ve got to think twice before getting my breakfast bacon, egg and cheese.’”

Hathaway said that she did not hear about the man asking for drugs. When the Easton Police Department interviewed her friend regarding the photograph, they did not mention anything about the drug offer.

“I think scary things happen all the time, so it’s always good just to be prepared for any situation,” Hathaway said. “But definitely going to keep my guard up from now on, just when I’m out any time of day.”

Troxell said that the Easton Police Department is currently looking for the man in the vehicle, according to the latest update Public Safety received; Detective Jose Colon of Easton PD said that the investigation is ongoing and that he could not share details.  

“That’s one side of the story that was reported,” Troxell said. “They’re trying to get a hold of the individual that was driving that vehicle.”