Jim Krivoski returns to become interim vice president for Student Life

Jim Krivoski served the college in several roles before his 2018 retirement. (Photo courtesy of Lafayette Today)

Jim Krivoski served the college in several roles before his 2018 retirement. (Photo courtesy of Lafayette Today)

Jim Krivoski, who worked at Lafayette for around 30 years prior to his retirement in 2018, was tapped by President Nicole Hurd to serve as interim vice president for Student Life. Krivoski first joined the Lafayette community in 1985 in the Campus Life division. 

“I am extremely excited to welcome Jim Kroviski back to the Student Life Division and leadership team,” Hurd wrote in an email. “Jim knows the College well … and will bring great counsel and support while we are engaging in initiatives such as strategic planning and campus master planning, launch a national search for our next vice president, and most importantly, continue to focus on the success of our students.”

Throughout his years at the college, Krivoski has served as associate dean of students and director of Student Life, dean of students and vice president for student affairs, among other roles.

“My plan was to be here for three years,” Krivoski said. “I was doing some graduate work and I figured that when I finish that, I’ll probably move on. But my family and I fell in love with the place. So I’ve been here ever since.”

Krivoski said that although he has worked before at larger institutions, Lafayette stood out to him due to its liberal arts culture and tight-knit community. Krivoski pointed to the love that all students, faculty and staff have for the college as a defining feature of Lafayette.

“I’ve worked at larger schools and there’s just something about the culture of a small liberal arts college … Everybody’s just engaged in the life of the college. And it’s important to everybody,” Krivoski said. “If you talk with our alums, they just fall in love with the place and stay engaged.”

Krivoski said that his top priority for the upcoming semester is learning how the culture and school have changed since he was last here.

“I have to get up to speed first and foremost … There are people on the Student Life staff I’ve known for years. There are other people I’ve never met,” Krivoski said. “So I have a lot to learn first, and then I’ll start thinking about, in discussions with President Hurd and others, the direction of student life.”

Although he has not worked at the college for four years, Krivoski said that he was asked to help out the school until they could find a permanent replacement for Vice President for Student Life Annette Diorio, who in January will become vice president of student affairs and dean of students at Union College to be closer to family. 

“President Hurd contacted me and asked me if I would consider the job because they’re going to do a national search and searches take time,” Krivoski said. “And it’s just hard for me to say no to this place.”