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Letter to the editor: Response to Provorov article

Ms. Marriott, 

Like Ivan Provorov, you are well within your right to state your views and opinions. I’m sure we agree how fortunate we are to live in a country where this is freely allowed to take place. Personally, I agree with Mr. Provorov’s decision to boycott the Pride Night warm-ups. He chose not to take part in an event celebrating something to which his faith is opposed. In this country, why is that wrong? Using that same lens, would it be wrong for a player to boycott a “military appreciation night” should their views be opposed to what it stands for?

In the article, you make the statement, “…that Provorov’s actions essentially send the message that queer people are unwelcome in the NHL…” I find that statement to be a massive misrepresentation of this man’s actions. I assume you agree that any player skating in the Pride Night event with a Pride themed jersey is agreeing with, if not celebrating, what the LGBTQ+ stands for. In my opinion, you have made an error in assuming his actions equate to queer people being unwelcome. Because we disagree with someone’s view on a certain issue does not mean we dislike them as a person, or view them as unwelcome in our homes or communities. It does not mean he doesn’t want queer people attending games or playing on the ice, it means he does not  support that lifestyle. Why should he be forced to do that?

Though I understand, in my opinion, your misreading of this situation, your comparison of Provorov’s boycott to another athlete’s sexual assault accusations to be both wreckless and obtuse. I cannot fathom what caused you to compare a boycott with the atrocity of sexually assaulting another person, but would ask you to take a step back and reevaluate your judgement on this.

It seems to me you most likely subscribe to the tenets of the “tolerance movement.” It is my understanding, based on personal experience and what I have heard and read, that tolerance has come to mean “one agrees with and accepts all views.” However, those who espouse this belief system are, ironically, intolerant of anyone who disagrees with them.  A prime example being Ivan Provorov.

I truly hope this letter to the editor is received in the loving way in which it was intended.


Matt Murphy

Hooksett, N.H.

Murphy is a seventh grade science teacher at a public school in New Hampshire. 

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