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The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

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The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

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Chi Phi party empty after no one solves their riddles three

Photo by SEX GOD for The Lafayette
Kevin requires a diet of three small dogs per shift.

Tumbleweeds rolled through the Chi Phi basement last Saturday as their late-night party went entirely unattended due to the presence of a new type of strict security — a twelve-foot-tall, green bridge troll.

“There’s too much coke for us to snort, so we let the bridge troll guard our fort,” Chi Phi brother Ky Phy ‘23 said.

“Only the cleverest can enter here to grind on our bros and drink our beer,” chapter president Kai Fye ‘24 added.

Potential partygoers were less than pleased with the new development. “I used to just have to charm a guy from my econ class to get in, but now there’s this troll asking me about the curse of my ancient forefathers,” former Chi Phi sweetheart Kyette Phyette ‘23 said. “It’s sort of a bummer.”

“When I first saw him, I was like ‘Slay, they’re finally diversifying their pledge class,’ but now he kind of freaks me out,” she continued.

“Our fest was bland with not a hoe in sight. We hope to try again on Friday night,” social chair Qui Fi ’24 said.

“I AM MORE POWERFUL THAN GOD. I HOLD THE FATE OF MEN IN MY PALMS,” the bridge troll, whose name is Kevin, bellowed into the night.

Editor’s note: This is a satire article featured as part of our annual Scoffayette issue.

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Slutty Librarian, Soles Ghost
Slutty Librarian, Like Ivan Provorov, you are well within your right to state your views. I’m sure we can both agree how great it is to live in a country where this is freely allowed to take place. I, personally, agree with Provorov’s choice to boycott the Pride night warmups. He has chosen to not take part in something that celebrates what his faith disagrees with. In this country, why is that wrong? If there is a “military appreciation night” and a player chooses not to participate, is that wrong? You make the statement, “…that Provorov’s actions essentially send the message that queer people are unwelcome in the NHL — both on the ice and in the stands.” I find that statement to be a massive misrepresentation of this man’s actions. I assume you agree that any player skating in the Pride Night event with a Pride themed jersey is agreeing with, if not celebrating, what the LGBTQ+ stands for. In my opinion, you have made an error in assuming his actions equate to queer people being unwelcome. Because we disagree with someone’s view on a certain issue does not mean we dislike them as a person, or view them as unwelcome in our homes or communities. It does not mean he doesn’t want queer people attending games or playing on the ice, it means he doesnt support that lifestyle. Why should he be forced to do that? You go on to say, “…by refusing to take the ice for Pride Night warmups, Provorov said that he did not believe in the message of the evening, which is essentially stating that he would not want to share the ice with a queer player.” Again, and I am not trying to hammer you, I am confused as to why you are making these assertions. He certainly never said he would not want to share the ice with a queer player. His actions, at least it seems to me, expressed he does not support the LGBTQ+ lifestyle. Again, why is that wrong? Another statement you make, “They were asking him to show that the space was welcoming to all types of people, and it clearly is not.” This would be another, in my opinion, assumption on your part. I would bet whatever little money I have (school teacher 😉 that Provorov, if asked, would not want LGBTQ+ or most any group of people to feel unwelcome. He is saying I have a right to what I believe and should not be forced to support something I am not supportive of. That makes sense to me. Though I understand your misreading of this situation (obviously, that is my opinion), your comparison of Provorov’s boycott to another athlete’s sexual assault accusations to be wreckless and obtuse. I have no idea what would cause you to compare a boycott with the horrible, if true, actions of sexually assaulting another person, but I would ask you to truly take a step back and reevaluate your choice. It seems to me, and if I am speaking out of turn I apologize, that you most likely subscribe to what we would call the ‘tolerance movement’ of the past 10 years+. It is my understanding, based on personal experience and what I have heard and read, that tolerance has come to mean “you agree with and accept all views.” However, those who espouse this view are, ironically, intolerant of anyone who disagrees with them. I truly hope this letter to the editor is received in the loving way in which it was intended. Respectfully, Matt Murphy
SEX GOD, Susan Wild's #1 Fan
This probably isn't good for my digital footprint.

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