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Best music of March

Miley Cyrus’ ‘Endless Summer Vacation’ bends genre and stuns with an impressive vocal performance. (Photo courtesy of Pitchfork)

March was a big month for new music — it’s been a while since I’ve had this many new releases to listen through. Here are the greatest hits from the month of March. 

“Endless Summer Vacation” by Miley Cyrus

The queen of pop/rock is back with another stellar album. Although her 2020 album “Plastic Hearts” firmly established her in the rock scene, “Endless Summer Vacation” takes a more varied approach. Songs like “River” deliver a catchy pop chorus, while others like “Muddy Feet” let Cyrus lean more into her folksy side. I think Cyrus is undeniably at her best when she’s showing off her incredible, gritty vocals, so songs like “Jaded” perfectly fill the Miley-shaped hole in my heart while the more vocally-repetitive tracks like “Handstand” aren’t quite my speed. All that said, “Endless Summer Vacation” probably has something for everyone.

‘Eat Your Young’ released on March 17. (Photo courtesy of Genius)

“Eat Your Young” by Hozier

Hozier’s long-awaited EP exceeds every expectation his listeners could have. It’s equal parts whimsical and intense, a staple of Hozier’s discography. In another classic move, he manages to deliver heartbreaking and piercing observations about the nature of life and love while hiding them behind a funky little beat. With the “All Things End” chorus of “And all things end / All that we intend is scrawled in sand / And slips right through our hands / And just knowing / That everything will end / Should not change our plans / When wе begin again,” Hozier manages to capture so much in such a small space. Also, “Eat Your Young” is an absolutely feral song.

“Did you know there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd” by Lana Del Rey

I know, I know. I was skeptical about this one, too. I’m not usually a fan of her more experimental stuff, and her last two albums have been underwhelming, so I approached this one very gingerly, and I was very pleasantly surprised. Word on the street is that “The Grants,” which opens the album, is her best song since “Norman F****** Rockwell” with Del Rey’s characteristic dreaminess and simple yet heart-fluttering lyrics. Fans of collaborations will rejoice, as Del Rey partners with the ever-interesting Father John Misty and Jack Antonoff-led Bleachers, along with others. Check out Del Rey’s latest if you want an album that feels like a fairytale.

Bonus songs

“True Blue” by boygenius

The newest boygenius album “the record” is not my favorite, but this list would be incomplete without including “True Blue,” which I predict will be one of my top songs of the year. Listen to the chorus and you’ll know why.

“All of the Girls You’ve Loved Before” by Taylor Swift

I bet you thought you were going to get through this whole review without me talking about Taylor Swift, huh? No chance. This song is definitely one of her more light-hearted ones (think “Bejeweled” and “London Boy”), but it’s great, nonetheless. I’m a big believer that people should let themselves enjoy silly songs once in a while, and I recommend that this is the one you indulge in.

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