512 High Street to be demolished

Plans to demolish 512 High St. are in progress, and in the future a residence hall with first floor retail will stand in its place, according to Director of Facilities Operations Bruce Ferretti.

There are no current students living in 512 High St., which will allow for a quicker demolition. The purchase order for the demolition work was submitted Tuesday, Oct. 4, and it should be under way as quickly as the college can comfortably proceed, Ferretti wrote. He did not give a specific timeline of when it will begin, but wrote in an email that demolition will start “as soon as [is] practical.”

322 McCartney St., located around the corner from the Williams Art Center, is also set to be demolished in the near future, but there is no further information regarding plans for this location.

512 High St. is located at the corner of High Street and Marquis Street at the intersection before Wawa if walking from the Williams Arts Center. The demolition and construction will occur along Cattell Street and Marquis Street.  

“Along with the building demolition, we will be replacing the curb and sidewalk along High Street from Cattell [Street] to Marquis Street in front of the demolition site,” Ferretti wrote in an email..

While demolition should soon be underway, according to Vice President for Finance and Administration Roger Demareski, there is no exact date set, and much depends on when the college obtains the permit from the city.

Demareski also wrote in an email that 512 High St. was the only property on High Street being considered for demolition..