Capstone collection: FAMS looks to cap off final projects

Web series and satire short films are all part of the film and media studies majors’ senior year capstone projects, which is meant to encompass everything they’ve learned in the program in their four years at Lafayette.

With little stipulations, the students are able to choose their subject matter and mediums. The projects range from documentaries on the food industry and issues in the educational system, to short narrative films, to potential TV pilots. However, the projects do not necessarily need to be in a visual medium – some students choose to turn in feature length screenplays.

Nick Tassoni ’17, a film and media studies major said the project, “is essentially our senior project. It’s similar to say the car team, but without the knowledge of mechanical engineering, math, physics, dynamics, cars and that kind of stuff…It’s a culmination of all the aspects and classes of our major.”

Tassoni chose to satirize the classic love triangle trope in his short film, “Anemotion.” Essentially, the project centers around the relationship between the characters Alex and Mel, and the chaos that ensues when Mel begins flirting with another girl, Franky. He incorporates animation elements that are most striking in a comedic fight scene between Franky and Alex.

Another film and media studies major, Chris Aresco ’17, is writing and designing a web series centered around “the life of a former child star present day as he lives with his failed manager. Both characters are destitute and trying everything they can – constantly failing though – to turn around the downward trajectory of their lives.” The web series is planned to consist of five episodes of around five to 10 minutes long.

Film and media studies major Fabian Rogers ’17 said the project is, “our statement of everything we’ve learned and everything we’ve grown to have interest in. It’s a run through of what we might want to chase after in the future.”

Rogers said the collaborative nature of the capstone project was necessary in creating a fully realized work. There are designated times each week for the students completing a capstone project to discuss and comment on each other’s work. He found it helpful to come together and hear other opinions, and then build off his classmates’ thoughts.

The capstone project will culminate in a showing of student work at the end of the semester.