A thank you from DU: Letter to the Editor


The memorial set up for Joey Towers ’18 by the brothers of Delta Upsilon. (Courtney DeVita ’19)

To the Lafayette College Community,

Without question, we will all go through something we can label as the most difficult time of our lives. For many of us on this campus, said time occurred during the last weekend of October. The loss of Joey Towers ’18 was a crushing blow to Delta Upsilon, but as we found out in the hours following this tragedy, it affects more than just the 60-something men in this fraternity.

The amount of outpouring love and support we have received following the passing of our brother has been tremendous. Whether it was making us dinner, writing us cards or just offering condolences in person, we are extremely appreciative of everything you all have done for us as a collective. Along the way we not only grew closer with the campus community, but learned things about Joey that we previously had not known, especially the number of lives he had touched.

We would be remiss not to thank one special person, John Onorati ’17 for all of his help. He established the Movember page you have no doubt seen on social media, and although it seems like Delta U set up this great cause, it should be attributed to John. Thank you all for uniting as one with us. We are eternally grateful, and so is Joey.

– The Brothers of Delta Upsilon Fraternity