Winter break-ins at Chi Phi

By Ben Brown

Winter recess was by no means quiet at the Chi Phi fraternity house, 4 West Campus, as it was the scene of two break-ins.

On the morning of Sunday, December 18, Vallamont, the building’s historic name, was reported to have had its south patio door smashed in.

The second break-in was triggered by a burglar alarm at the house early on Sunday, January 22. Officers discovered a damaged window and a door forced open. Footprints and water were found inside of the house, leading officers to believe someone had illegally entered. After a search, no trespasser was discovered.

As part of the ongoing litigation between the college and fraternity, Lafayette continues to pay insurance covering the house. Vallamont housed sophomore men last semester, but is vacant this semester as the court case continues. “This is the problem with having the house empty,” Rho Chapter College Relations Chair Jerry Blakeslee ‘70 said.

The current student president of Rho Chapter, Chi Phi, who wished to remain anonymous, said the student members had nothing to do with the break-ins. “We’ve all seen the house when DU occupied it,” he said. “We’re not trying to get in.”

According to Assistant Director of Public Safety Jim Meyer, investigations have yielded no suspects.