Music hall to replace Drinky’s: A new venue for Lafayette students


Drinky’s Pub in downtown Easton closed down for good on Jan. 1. (Photo by Courtney DeVita ’19).

Drinky’s Pub, the popular nightclub and venue for several Lafayette student events, closed down for good on Jan. 1. After a 13-year run, the last Drinky’s event was a New Years Eve celebration.

Co-owner Billy Cornish said there was no specific reason for the closing except that he and his business partner, Greg Melhem, saw opportunity elsewhere.

“Me and my business partner had the nightclub for about 13 years, and basically we just feel that the whole nightclub scene is not as popular as it used to be, and we really think there’s going to be a big push for live music in the area,” Cornish said.

Drinky's will be replaced by a 1000-person capacity music hall. (Photo by Courtney DeVita '19).
Drinky’s will be replaced by a 1000-person capacity music hall.
(Photo by Courtney DeVita ’19).

The ex-nightclub will become a live music hall, but will also host other types of performances such as comedy shows and other national acts, according to Cornish.

“We’re not trying to compete with the State Theatre, but rather trying to compliment it. There are types of performances the State Theatre offers that we can’t, and vice versa,” Cornish said.

While there will be no change in ownership, the space will undergo a transition into an 1000-person capacity, 2-level music hall. The space has been completely gutted and the stage-building process is underway. According to Cornish, the first level will be the stage and viewing area and the second level will be a balcony overlooking the stage.

Cornish and Melhem hope to open the event center, which will be called “One Centre Square,” sometime in April. Cornish said that he has already booked a couple 90’s alternative bands such as Trapt and Hinder. He is also looking to host performers ranging from indie rock bands to groups like Soulja Boy.

The business partners also plan to host college events and expect Lafayette students to be a big part of ticket sales. They are eager to promote the new event center on campus via the college’s radio show and other outlets.

“It’s something for the underaged kids to do, it provides another option for them,” Cornish said.

The ticket prices for these all-age concerts will range from around $8 to $25, Cornish said. Students can look forward to an entirely new entertainment space coming this spring.

“The city is backing us 100 percent, the mayor loves the idea,” Cornish said. “Everybody locally loves the idea.”