Timeout with… Drew Davis ’17


Drew Davis ’17 competing in an event. (Courtesy of Athletic Communications)

Katelyn Arnold: So you just won the Patriot League Championship in the 400 meter and set a new indoor personal best. How does that feel?

Drew Davis: It’s feels great. It’s exciting more than anything.

KA: How do you hope this performance propels you into the outdoor season?

DD: I just hope I can improve and get better and hopefully inspire my teammates to get better and continue to PR [personal record].

KA: Overall, how has your final indoor season gone?

DD: We have one more meet left so I guess depending on how this meet goes – it could be good or average. Hopefully, it ends well.

KA: How did it compare to years past?

DD: I guess this year has been the best year so far for all of us collectively. Each year has gotten better and better.

KA: Do you prefer indoor or outdoor?

DD: That’s hard. Indoor is more intense because we’re in a closed area so there’s a lot of yelling and screaming and everything. It feels more exciting when you win. But outdoor is more preferred by everyone, generally. I guess outdoor. Plus, you run faster outdoor.

KA: Which event is your favorite?

DD: The 400m by far. I’ve always ran it. It’s like a love-hate relationship.

KA: What do you hope to accomplish with your final season here?

DD: So much. I really want the school record in the indoor 500m. Hopefully, we get school records in the relays or move up in the all-time top ten list. Hopefully, the 4x100m does well this year. I just want to hopefully PR in the 400m and the 200m in outdoor.

KA: What has been your favorite track moment at Lafayette?

DD: When we won the 4x400m my sophomore year. That’s was the most exciting thing.

KA: Where has been your favorite place to compete?

DD: BU [Boston University] hands down. They have the best [indoor] track in the nation. So it’s like, really amazing to run on their track because you know you’re going to run fast even if you have a crappy race.

KA: What’s your go-to pre-race song?

DD: “In the Name of Love,” by Martin Garrix and Bebe Rexha.

KA: Favorite movie?

DD: “Slumdog Millionaire.”

KA: Favorite class you’ve taken at Lafayette?

DD: Black Feminism.

KA: Favorite place to hang out at Lafayette?

DD: In my friend Belle’s court.

KA: Do you have any future plans set for after graduation?

DD: I want to teach in private school. That’s the goal.

KA: If you could give a freshman one piece of advice, what would you tell them?

DD: Don’t stress out too much. Enjoy college because it goes by really fast.