Paper Playlist: Really Alternative Indie Songs You’ve Never Heard of, Loser!


Melissa: If you haven’t heard of him before, young upstart from Fairfield CT, John Mayer is really worth checking out. His song “Waiting on the World to Change” is an anthem for anyone who has ever felt powerless in a society that doesn’t hear them. Left with nothing else to do Mayer, like so many of us, is waiting on the world to change for the better.

Sadie: Check out this dope group I just discovered called the Beatles! Don’t tell too many people. “Hey Jude” really gets me. It just packs everything I experience everyday into one song.

Dan Kodroff ’17: “Love” by Lana del Rey is nothing less than a decade-defining tune. Her ever-enchanting vocal performance is only superseded by tantalizingly enigmatic lyrics. The ethereal experience of the song is akin to an orgasm while eating lukewarm apps at a Cheesecake Factory. Overall, it’s okay.