On the spot: Has poor performance by sports teams affected your ‘Lafayette experience?’


Once competitions begin, student-athletes will be tested up to three times a week. (Photo courtesy of Chuck Zovko)

“When I came to Lafayette, I definitely hoped that sports would be a major part of my experience here. It is obviously not optimal to have athletics in a downturn over the last few years, but there have been some awesome experiences nonetheless. Most of them were my first year on campus when we won the Rivalry game at Yankee Stadium and the men’s basketball team won the Patriot League Tournament in Kirby to qualify for March Madness. The one moment that has made supporting athletics this year worthwhile was attending the women’s soccer Patriot League Tournament game at Lehigh. It was really fun especially since they beat Lehigh.” – Haley Mauriello ’18


“Yeah, I’d say so. Part of why I chose Lafayette was the D-I sports – I wanted to get loud and proud for the teams. I knew it wasn’t going to be like Duke or Alabama-level, but I hoped to see some greatness. It unfortunately didn’t come to fruition, as the teams largely saw losing seasons.” – Cooper Ochsenhirt ’20


“It makes me sad. College sports is something I’ve looked forward to, especially with us being a D-I school. I’ve tried to hang in there but it’s been tough.” – Santbir Chawla ’17


“As a member of the Lafayette Pep Band, I went to many of the Lafayette basketball and football games. While the pep band members always do a good job of getting into the game no matter the score, it is harder to be excited for games when the scores usually do not lie in our favor. When the teams do not do as well, less people come to the games, and, therefore, the pep band ends up playing for an empty stadium or arena. There’s no doubt that playing in the pep band at crowded and intense games, like Laf-Lehigh, is much more enjoyable.” – Mike Van Ness ’20


“I’m not really a big sports fan in general, so I wouldn’t say that it has had a lot of impact on me. But, when we won the 150th Rivalry game and basketball won the Patriot League Tournament, it was really cool how it brought the campus together and I haven’t really seen anything like that since.” – Ashlee Belkevich ’18