Paper Playlist: April Showers


We don’t know what the title means, but it’s provocative? Please listen to these songs in the shower this month?

Melissa: My pick this week is “Sedona” by Houndmouth. Contrary to popular belief, I’m way more into Arizona than Sadie is. She can try to refute it, but has she ever picked a song named after a ‘zona city (Only people really into AZ call it ‘zona)? All that aside, this is a fun song that you will want to sing along with even if you don’t know the words. Give it a listen.

Julia DeFranco ’17: HELLO LOYAL FANS! I’ve been BOYCOTTING this playlist since my “friends” Melissa and Sadie ignored my pick week one and published the playlist without my song. But now they are desperate for my musical genius and quick wit, so my pick is “Changing of the Seasons” by Two Door Cinema Club because it is literally changing seasons outside and this song is also fun. (My second pick was “Chloroform” by Phoenix because ‘zona baby).

Sadie: Contrary to popular belief no one says “‘Zona.” I’m a serious music critic so my pick is Paul Simon’s “The Obvious Child.” The Brazilian drumming throughout is fantastic and breathes this sense of optimism I associate with spring.