Paper Playlist: Long Songs!


WAKE UP MILLENNIALS, and enjoy something that hasn’t been mass produced for radio play. These long jams are meant to challenge your gnat-like attention spans and open you up to real artistry. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Melissa: This week I want you to all take some time to marinate in “Baba O’Riley” by The Who. Clocking in at exactly five minutes, this semi-long song has been a favorite of mine for a while. You’ve probably heard it before and can understand why it is a solid pick. This song is just special, and it makes you feel important when you listen to it. With every listen I pick out a new favorite part depending on my mood.

Sadie: Justin Bieber slowed down 200 percent isn’t available on Spotify, so I’m going with Pink Floyd’s “Interstellar Overdrive” this week. It’s a hypnotic instrumental jam – one of those songs which requires re-listening and re-listening. I pick up on new instrumental tangents and space-infused melodic ramblings every time I listen to it. I also second Melissa’s pick – “Baba O’Riley” is engrained in childhood memories of long road trips DJed by my dad.

Grace Conroy ‘17: My pick this week is “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant” by Billy Joel. He masterfully sets the scene and uses his impeccable storytelling skills to take us through this seven-minute tune.