Paper Playlist: Stuff we like



Melissa: We’ve picked too many great songs this week for me to make a definitive pick. There are old favorites that are meaningful to me like “Dancing in the Moonlight” and fresher picks like “Good as Hell” or “Solo (Reprise).” Just listen to them all please… But if Alison Byerly were to hold my diploma to a flame and threaten to burn it if I didn’t pick, I’d choose “Get the Better” by Max Milner. I first discovered Max Milner while watching the UK version of The Voice and have thoroughly enjoyed following his career since. So with my final pick, I introduce you to a relatively unknown yet very worthwhile, soulful artist. Enjoy!

Sadie: I figured I’d go with a song that’s been on a steady rotation lately. The Golden Cups are a sixties Japanese rock group with a fantastic cover of “Hey Joe.” It takes an exuberant approach to the original. The song quickly devolves into a tempestuous, psychedelic jam. Big fan – give it a listen.

Please note: For the final song we have chosen “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” by Simple Minds. Don’t you dare forget about us. Let these playlists be our legacy. God knows when either of us will ever be published again. Peace and blessings Laf, thanks for an education and so much more.