Letter from the Editor

Dear Lafayette,

As this school year begins, The Lafayette staff is eager to keep the campus community informed during a time of so much change. The end of last year brought the graduation of three of our editors. I take over for an editor-in-chief who did so much in the last three years to improve the quality of all aspects of the newspaper. All three graduates will be missed, but I’m confident our staff can not only uphold but improve upon the paper’s coverage and quality.

This year’s news seems to be building on last year, with expansion plans being realized, political discourse continuing, sports teams facing change and the culture of Easton thriving. As I step into a new role as editor-in-chief, I couldn’t be more confident in the group of editors, writers, designers and photographers who are working to bring these stories and more to you. I hope we are able to grow and add more voices to the paper over the course of the semester.

We will continue to strive for a greater online presence and financial independence, a longstanding goal. Suggestions, recommendations and story ideas are always welcome should anyone in the campus community have an idea of something we may be missing. As always, we will seek to be timely and accurate while producing stories worthy of the oldest college newspaper in Pennsylvania.


Kathryn Kelly