Paper Playlist: Float On


It’s week two and somehow we’re already stressed, so this week’s playlist is all about keeping it mellow. Whether you’re studying, hanging out, or watching the rain fall (maybe pretending you’re in a music video), this playlist is for you.

Emma’s Pick: My pick this week is “Miss You” by Mura Masa. While most widely known for his song “Love$ick,” this song shows a different side of Mura Masa. Though “Love$ick” and “Miss You” have very different vibes, both showcase the artist’s unique style and original rhythms. This song has few words, but the whispered “I miss you” creates an intimate experience for the listener, and the mellow techno beats soften the song.

Shelby’s Pick: This week I chose “Sunset Lover” by Petit Biscuit. I honestly have no clue what the words are saying or if there are even words at all, but this song never fails to make me feel calm and collected. With its extremely chill vibes, this is the one and only song I can listen to on repeat while studying.