Lightening the mood: new stand-up comedy open mic begins in Easton

The Easton Comedy Function is on a mission to bring out the comedians in Easton area residents.

Held at the Standard in downtown Easton, the open mic comedy night takes place the first and third Wednesday of every month. Amateurs and experienced comedians alike are welcome to perform. Host and creator Mark Evangelista said he “would definitely encourage people who maybe are thinking about doing stand up to come try it.” Sign-ups open at 8:30pm with the show taking place at 9pm. Anyone who enjoys watching stand-up comedy is also welcome to attend.

Only in its 3rd show, the Easton Comedy Function attracted around 30 audience members Wednesday evening, with a whole variety of people wanting to perform. Some people had “travelled [around] an hour and a half to make it to the event,” Evangelista said.

Evangelista said comedy has been a lifelong joy for him. He has been doing stand-up comedy for about two years and wanted to bring his passion to Easton, which he felt was lacking a scene for stand-up comedy.

“I decided I wanted to start my own open mic in Easton, because there was nothing like this going on in Easton,” he said. “I have always just got a lot of joy out of making people laugh” from a young age, often watching networks like Comedy Central.

Despite a slow start to the open mic night, Evangelista said he expects it to only grow in the future.

The open mic night appears to fit in well with Easton’s bid to bring more live entertainment and art to the area, Evangelista said, particularly with Easton Out Loud, a monthly series of events urging community members to travel around Easton and view all it has to offer. He added that “anybody who just likes comedy should really come and check [the Easton Comedy Function] out.”

The event is held at a bar which is typically only open to those who are 21 and up, but Evangelista said, “If there was enough interest in 18 to 20-year olds who wanted to come then” he could contact the owner of the bar and see if he could make arrangements.