Paper Playlist: @Our Lafayette Crushes


@Our Lafayette Crushes

Now that school has been in session for a month, we know some of you probably have your eyes on a new campus crush. To give you some encouragement, we decided to bring you back to your prime middle school years with this week’s playlist. These throwbacks should take you right back to that middle school dance when you dressed to the nines in your favorite Hollister shirt, danced awkwardly and yelled “EW, GROSS” when Jenny said you should ask Tommy to dance even though you were, like, totally crushing on him.

Emma: My pick this week is David Archuleta’s breakout song, “Crush.” I distinctly remember this song being the anthem of my sixth grade year–not necessarily in a positive way. This emotional song will take you back to your tween years when you were pondering the possibility of young love. Not sure what happened to Archuleta after “Crush”, but this song will live on forever.

Shelby: My pick this week is “You Belong With Me” by Taylor Swift. Describing your stereotypical teenage romance, Swift tells a story about a boy who is too hung up on an unhealthy relationship with the “popular” girl to notice how much another girl genuinely likes him. If you lived under a rock in middle school and still haven’t seen the music video – a true masterpiece – you owe it to yourself to watch it and root for the underdog. You will be at the edge of your seat, I promise.

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