Paper Playlist: Go Home, Roger



FALL BREAK, BABY! We made it. In honor of these glorious 4 days off, we are dedicating this playlist to HOME. In reality, this break is really just an extra two days and we will be back before you know it, but we are still excited. So, blast this playlist when you’re headed home–whether to your actual house, a friend’s house or even just to your dorm room!

Shelby: My pick this week is “Small Town” by John Mellencamp. This song resonates with me because I grew up in the small town of Hopewell, New Jersey, where I’ll be heading for fall break with my Paper Playlist sidekick. Mellencamp captures the sense of place and belonging one feels growing up in the small town through his simple yet poetic lyrics. This song makes me appreciate the community I grew up in and makes me excited for my grand return.

Emma: This week, I’m picking Josh Ritter’s “Homecoming.” This song builds beautifully and perfectly replicates the nerves and anticipation of returning home. Ritter’s lyrics, however, are what really make the song. His words read like poetry, with strength, simplicity and sonorous symmetry. Ritter moves between letting his lyrics sit over a kicking beat and pouring his stanzas over a mellowed tempo. In either case, Ritter draws the listener in with his story, poetry and music in harmony.

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