Paper Playlist: Tangled up in blue



You’re welcome. We just made your life much easier! Instead of stressing over what music you should play when you’re getting ready to celebrate Homecoming this weekend, we’ve created a playlist just for you. These acoustic and melancholy songs will make the perfect playlist to set the mood for a fun and memorable weekend.

Shelby: My pick this week is “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac. I think this is a beautifully written song that can be interpreted in many different ways depending on one’s life experiences. The song emphasizes the fear of changing and learning to let go of familiar things. The song’s simple yet melodic acoustics create a genuine and natural feeling of emotion.

Emma: This week, I am picking “One Sunday Morning” by Wilco. This song is definitely a commitment, as it clocks in at over twelve minutes. Despite its length, Wilco has created a meandering and rustic experience for the listener. Behind a lilting piano and guitar, Jeff Tweedy’s voice speaks almost intimately to the listener. The contrast between the repetitive and major key-melody and Tweedy’s minor tones allow for a musical experience reflective of the Sunday morning Tweedy describes. This song is the epitome of a mellow, bittersweet and beautiful song.

Featuring Alex Barton: My pick of the week is “Murder in the City” by the Avett Brothers. It’s basically a will or apology letter written in the form of a song to the brothers’ loved ones as if they were murdered in a distant figurative city. The tone of the song is somber yet comforting. The song emphasizes the strength of family and the bonds that family gives you – seemingly perfect for a weekend like Homecoming.

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