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Timeout with… sophomore golfer Jake Basilico

Jake Basilico tees off (Photo Courtesy of Jake Basilico ’20)

This week, The Lafayette sits down with sophomore golfer Jake Basilico after he went 3-0 in his matches against Lehigh.

Matt Benusa: The fall season just ended for the golf team. How do you think it went?

Jake Basilico: Overall, it went pretty well. We’re definitely a young team, so it was nice to see a progression as the season went on. The season was nothing spectacular, but there were definitely a couple kids who performed better than we expected. 

MB: The team really improved throughout the fall season. Can you all keep it going into the spring?

JB: The winter is an iffy time to see how kids react with what we do during practice. The workouts and practices just don’t do as much versus playing outside, but we’ll be competing against teams that have been going through the same thing. Hopefully, we’ll be able to keep it all going.

MB: What’s winter training like for golf?

JB: We have an indoor practice green, hitting bays and a simulator, so some people try to change their swing and go through some improvements. Other kids try to keep maintaining their swing from the fall season to carry it through to the spring.

MB: At the Lehigh Dual meet, you destroyed the kid you were playing against. How did that feel, especially considering it was Lehigh?

JB: It was great, especially to have everything click at once. I played well, and I played with Aidan McDermott who also played well. It was just a really fun day, especially when you’re winning and when its Lehigh.

MB: You’re from California, so have you ever played Pebble Beach? If not, do you want to? If you have, what was it like?

JB: I wish I have. My Grandpa is from Santa Cruz, which is right near Pebble Beach, so I’ve walked the course and played a round at Spyglass. Pebble Beach is definitely on my list, though.

MB: What’s the best course you have ever played?

JB: Spyglass [in Pebble Beach, Calif.]. All the courses in Monterey are so nice.

MB: Why did you choose to come all the way from California to attend Lafayette?

JB: I was trying to do something different. I’ve grown up in California all my life and didn’t know much else, so I thought it was a good time to branch out and try something new. Golf also pulled me out here.

MB: Has there been any difference between the courses you played in high school compared to the ones now?

JB: There hasn’t been much difference as far as college versus high school golf, but there has been a big difference as far as East Coast versus West Coast golf. East Coast courses are more wet, have more green and the weather is different, too.

MB: How did you get into golf?

JB: My Grandpa got me into golf when I was about 12 or 13. Before I played a lot of baseball, and then my Grandpa took me to play a round of golf and I loved it.

MB: Tell me a little about your best round of golf ever.

JB: I played a tournament…when I was on my visit on the East Coast. It was some East Coast recruiting tournament, and everything just clicked. Golf feels a lot easier when you’re playing well.

MB: Does your putter or driver have a name?

JB: Unfortunately, no. It’s a little disappointing.

MB: You’re almost halfway through your Lafayette golf and college career, how do you want these last two years to go down?

JB: Mostly, I want to enjoy them. I only have so many years of organized sports and collegiate tournaments left, and I want to have fun with it.

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