Paper Playlist: Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast.



If the name of this playlist overwhelms you with a whirlwind of emotion, don’t worry—that’s the point. Much like the soulful sounds of this week’s tunes, we chose these songs because they start with a smooth, sailin’ vibe and are then ramped up by upbeat lyrics and modern spin. This playlist goes out to all of our smooth, sweet friends. Let these songs’ mellow, synthetic beats flow into your ears like streams of delicious honey.

Emma: My pick this week is Chance the Rapper’s remix of Francis and the Lights’ “May I Have This Dance.” This song begins with oddly Phil Collins-esque vocals that meld with a synthetic and smooth melody. Chance’s voice pairs beautifully with the mood and bounce of the song with his softened rap and rhymes. I would also highly recommend watching the music video alongside the song – it really adds to the hypnotic vibe. Simply put, this song makes me happy whenever I listen to it, so definitely play if you need to feel uplifted.

Shelby: I decided to pick “Feel It Still” by Portugal. The Man this week. This song is an instant mood changer with its upbeat and mellow vibes. A smooth and funky baseline paired with high falsetto vocals make this an irresistibly groovy tune.

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