Paper Playlist: Lehigh listens to Nickelback



Lehigh might listen to Nickelback, but TBH, so do you (don’t lie). Nickelback unites us all, both in our hatred for the music and in our inability to escape it. These songs, in their crappiness, will hopefully bring us all a little closer together.

Emma: This week, my pick is Nickelback’s “How You Remind Me.” This song, for good or bad, is undoubtedly iconic. Nickelback’s lyrics really shine through in the sense that I somehow know all of the words, yet I have no idea what the song is about. It doesn’t sound fully positive, or really that negative, and somehow both hopeful and pessimistic, but I guess that’s just the magic (or misery) of Nickelback. Even if you hate the song, you’ll love to sing along, hating yourself a little bit the whole time.

Shelby: I’m picking “Lips of Angel” by Hinder this week. If someone told me Nickelback sang this song, I would believe them because it sounds exactly like any Nickelback song you have ever heard. The reality is they don’t sing it, but if Hinder has such a similar style, why does everyone only hate Nickelback?

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