Paper Playlist: Songs in cinema



This week, we decided to compile a list of iconic songs from movies. For us, the soundtrack really makes or breaks the film, and these are some of our favorite tracks from our own favorite films. While we ran into a bit of an issue with this after discovering that Shelby has maybe seen three movies in her entire life, we were still able to get together a solid playlist. Hopefully, some of these songs take you back to fond and peaceful memories of singing “Tiny Dancer” in Almost Famous or watching a man get his ear cut off to “Stuck In the Middle With You” in Reservoir Dogs.

Shelby: I am choosing “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion from the Titanic. I’m picking it not only  because it is one of the three movies I’ve seen from the playlist (not in my entire life, need to make that clear), but the song is ICONIC, love it or hate it. Celine Dion sings it powerfully, truly capturing the whirlwind of emotions during the several scenes it’s played. Musically and lyrically moving, the bittersweet song is a real tear-jerker.

Emma: This week, I am choosing the Dropkick Murphy’s iconic song “Shipping Up to Boston” from the greatest film of all time, “The Departed.” I’m sure all my #fans out there are fully aware of my obsessive love for this movie and for all things Matt Damon. Moving past my personal bias, however, Scorsese perfectly places this song within his film. The jolting and aggressive chords mirror the emotional escalation of the scene and highlight the building tensions. Whenever I hear this song, it immediately brings me back to this exact moment in the movie and is an instantaneous energy booster.

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