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The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

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The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

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Timeout with… freshman guard Drew Freeland

Freshman guard Drew Freehand recently earned an athletic scholarship. (Photo Courtesy of Athletic Communications)

This week The Lafayette takes a timeout with women’s basketball’s leader in shooting percentage, who recently earned a team scholarship.

AJ Traub: The team stuck with the Patriot League leaders, American, in last week’s matchup. What will the team focus on to close the gap throughout the rest of the season?

Drew Freeland: Just continuing to work hard and have more and more discipline, and believe in what we do.

AT: How has the team’s performance compared to your expectations so far?

DF: Immediately when I got here, we had so many girls who are really good at what they do.  I think record doesn’t always say everything. I think we’re continuing to improve and that’s what matters….We have all the components of a really good team, it’s just about putting it together.

AT: Your were recently awarded an athletic scholarship. Describe the experience of receiving the honor at a team meal.

DF: We went to PF Chang’s and at the end of dinner, Coach Nat got up and told us we were going to start a new tradition and read off fortune cookies. The employees handed out fortune cookies and I was looking around because they skipped over me and someone slipped one in front of me while I was looking the other way. It looked the same as the other ones. So Coach Nat looked at me and said I was going last. Then looked at Anna beside me and she read hers and everybody else read theirs. It got around to me and I read it out loud and I didn’t really comprehend it at first, but then I realized what happened and my teammates started cheering for me and all the coaches. It was really special.`

AT: You’ve started games along with senior guards Anna Ptasinski and Sammy Stipa. How have they helped you develop your game and potentially prepare you to be a team leader in future seasons?

DF: I look up to both of them so much. Every day they come in and work so hard. I think the biggest thing for the freshmen is having seniors to lead the team and who are encouraging. They really believe in me and that makes a big difference when I’m on the court with them.

AT: You lead the team in shooting percentage for field goals, threes and free throws. To what do you attribute your exceptional shooting skills?

DF: My teammates just find me in the right spots and they give me a good pass, and from there it’s just getting it in the basket. I can definitely thank them for that.

AT: You own your high school’s records for points, assists and rebounds. How have you transitioned your skills to college basketball?

DF: The biggest adjustment to the college game is the speed. It’s much faster than high school. [I’ve been getting more used to it]. It happens more and more with more practice and minutes on the court and it’s definitely a process. Also a big part of college is mental. You have to do a lot more thinking than on a high school court.

AT: You were a four-year varsity letter-winner in volleyball as well as basketball during your high school career. Do you feel your volleyball skills contribute to your abilities on the basketball court?

DF: Definitely. They’re sports that compliment each other from a physical standpoint. It’s a really energetic and talkative sport. It’s [really] about momentum. At a college level, all sports become [about momentum], and it’s really necessary to be loud and energetic and bring that energy to the court, and I think volleyball has helped me with that.

AT: Since your father went to Lafayette and your sister went to Lehigh, is there a family rivalry?

DF: A little bit. My sister came to the Lehigh game this year and it was kind of funny and she rooted for me even though she wore her Lehigh hat and would tell you otherwise.

AT: What is your favorite professional sports team?

DF: The Philadelphia Eagles.

AT: Who is your favorite athlete?

DF: I would have to say Brian Dawkins. He was amazing to watch and he was so energetic and always fired up the team. He bled Eagles green, I just loved him.

AT: What is your favorite movie?

DF: Inglourious Basterds.

AT: What is something we don’t know about you?

DF: I play guitar.

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