Tiempo libre

In celebration of Latino Heritage Month, Latin jazz band Tiempo Libre will be performing at the Williams Center for the Arts this weekend. The group performs upbeat and flavorful timba music, a popular Cuban genre that combines funk and rumba. These fun, artistically diverse beats are danceable and energetic.

Originating in Havana, Tiempo Libre’s versatile performers lay their roots in Latin rhythm, attesting to the diverse essence of their vibe. Their latest album, My Secret Radio is reminiscent of their early days rigging makeshift radios to illegally listen to American music across the Cuban border. The resulting sound of Tiempo Libre was ultimately influenced by modern American artists such as Michael Jackson and Earth, Wind, and Fire.

“This band sings great songs, some in Spanish and some in English, as Havana is the melting pot of African and European music culture,” Director of the Williams Center H. Ellis Finger said. The incorporated mix of ethnic rhythms with American funk attempts to bring out both distinct and familiar sounds for all listeners to enjoy.

Tiempo Libre will play this Saturday, September 7 from 8 to 10 p.m. Lafayette students receive free admission.