Byerly: “Very likely” there will be revisions to athlete Alcohol Abuse policy

The new alcohol policy for varsity athletes may be short-lived, according to President Alison Byerly.

The Athletic Department’s Alcohol Abuse policy, released by Athletic Director Bruce McCutcheon, details extreme punitive measures, and consists of a two-strike system, and revokes the school’s Good Samaritan policy for underage varsity student-athletes. Many players have taken to Twitter to voice their displeasure over the new alcohol policy.

I think it’s very likely that there will be further revisions,” Byerly said.

We have heard a lot of commentary, both from students and from others in the community, and we are continuing our review of the policy,” the President said. “We think that the Good Samaritan policy is an important dimension of the policies currently in place. I will say that there’s continued discussion about the policy…what was first released to the athletes and what has been talked about is kind of an evolving discussion.”

President Byerly would not comment on specific changes to the controversial policy, but added that “a week from now, we’d probably be in a better position” to divulge further details.