Avicii’s true Transformation

Photo courtesy of soundisstyle.com


One of the most recognizable names amongst the contemporaries of electronic dance music (EDM), Tim Bergling, the man we know as Avicii, ditches the traditional sound of his turntable to produce his latest album, True.

Within this progressive and catchy album are a compilation of genres –hints of bluegrass, country, rock, alternative, and progressive house. It is very rare to find a folk themed EDM record, but Tim Bergling is rendering one that will reach out to large demographics while standing out in the crowd of mainstream pop music.

Upon hearing the hit single “Wake Me Up,” I was surprised to hear who produced it. Yet Avicii’s leading single is just one of the numerous and unexpected surprises he plans to unveil in True. It is clear that the 23-year old spinner has matured and established a new purpose since his last recording. Reconsidering “Levels” and “Good Feeling,” the two singles that brought a flavor the top charts had seldom been tasted before, and comparing them to True’s “Lay Me Down” or “Addicted to You,” this change in direction is obvious.

By featuring vocalists new to house music, such as Adam Lambert, Audra Mae, Nile Rodgers, and Dan Tyminski, as well as song writer Mac Davis, Bergling succeeds in creating a distinctive sound. Each track on the album is presented as a unique work of art – a totally unique shade for each song. The result is a hybrid – Avicii’s signature electronic beats, fused with country vocals or classic rock instruments.

“A lot of dance music has gotten more and more repetitive – too focused on the dirty drop. I was always interested in the melodic part of house music,” Bergling said in an interview with Rolling Stone. Avicii is more than just a DJ or remixer; he is a composer, each song coming together to form a tasteful, thoughtful and universally understandable sound. True will be released on September 17th, 2013, and is currently available for pre-order.