Resident pianist

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Lafayette welcomes celebrated composer and pianist Gabriela Lena Frank for a yearlong residency.

Frank has been commissioned to compose works for The Lafayette Concert Choir and Chamber Singers, two vocal soloists, and various other musical endeavors across campus this year. Supported by the Mellon Grant, Lafayette has received the special opportunity to work with this highly acclaimed artist to further instill both music and culture into the school’s liberal arts curriculum.

Although considered classical by nature, Frank’s performances pull inspiration from her multicultural background. Raised in California by a Peruvian mother and a Lithuanian father, Frank’s traditional compositions incorporate the sound of her Latin American heritage though string instruments like the violin and the Peruvian pan flute. These inspirations are heard in Hilos: I. Danza del Altiplano, a favorite composition amongst many of Frank’s listeners. The composition offers a rich layering of classical piano with a strong succession of string instruments. Taking pride in the eclectic root of her music, Frank was drawn to the interdisciplinary asset of the programming that will be taking place throughout her residency.

Frank’s Wednesday night performance at the Williams Center for the Arts was postponed due to injury and is to be rescheduled to a later date this year.