Easton presents Supersize Me director

To kick off the Fifth Annual “Movies at the Mill” festival, Easton is bringing in a relatively big name. Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, famous pop-documentary director known primarily for his Oscar-nominated debut film Supersize Me, will speak to kick off the proceedings.

Spurlock will be leading a keynote seminar entitled “Getting the Film Made,” where Spurlock will talk about independent versus studio filmmaking, the craft of filmmaking, and his own filmography. This is the first year that the festival has featured a seminar, demonstrating the town’s efforts to expand its offerings and reach a wider audience.

“Movies at the Mill” was formed in 2009 – a collaboration between filmmaker Gershon Hinkson and Easton Mayor Sal Panto to revitalize and save the Simon Silk Mill, as well as to reinvigorate the Easton area and promote the arts. Though the festival is no longer taking place at the Bushkill Creek Corridor, which helped inspire its name, not much else has changed about the event. Every year the festival has highlighted local filmmakers and their work while also providing food, music, and a fun atmosphere.

The festival isn’t shying away from its mission of showing idiosyncratic, independent films made primarily by local artists. The collection of short films to be shown this year could not be more diverse. From Martin Binder’s horror comedy about college roommates to Lindsay Schaefer’s wordless drama about a woman’s personal journey told only through dance and music, the offerings this year are sure to interest a wide array of filmgoers.

“The film options at Lafayette and in Easton are sorely lacking. So it’s nice to see some attempts being made to show movies for those interested,” Peter Berexa ‘14 said.

Lafayette is making an effort to fill that gap. The Film and Media Studies Major was created in 2010 and is one of the most rapidly growing major at the school.

Lafayette students are eager to make, watch and celebrate films. “Movies at the Mill” and Spurlock’s presentation offers a great opportunity for those passionate in the industry.

The Fifth Annual “Movies at the Mill” Festival in Easton is this Saturday, September 21 at Hugh Moore Park. Pre-event tickets are available for $10. Tickets at the door are $15. The event is from 6:00 to 10:00 PM.