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Revisions to controversial alcohol sanctions for student-athletes announced

After over two weeks of deliberation, the athletics department announced revisions to the controversial alcohol sanctions for student-athletes, according to a press release sent out Monday night. Changes to the policies include the re-implementation of the Good Samaritan policy for student athletes and less harsh sanctions for offenders.

The previous iteration of the policy, which Athletic Director Bruce McCutcheon announced on Thursday, Sept. 5, introduced penalties which nullified the Good Samaritan policy. It had also enacted a severe two-strike penalty for offenders, including a two-week suspension for first time offenses and a 365-day suspension plus loss of athletic-based financial aid for an individual’s second offense.

The Lafayette community met the policy with outrage. McCutcheon met with senior athlete representatives Friday, Sept. 13 to discuss the policy, and said their input played a large part in the revisions.

 “We are thankful for the input provided by Brendon Gover ’14, Lindsay Yang ’14, and Tim Shaw ’14, who represented the senior class,” McCutcheon said in his message to student-athletes. “The class…provided important feedback and recommendations, many of which were incorporated into the policy revision.”

In addition to re-implementing the Good Samaritan policy, the revisions also include a more lenient three-strike penalties. First-level violators receive a suspension equivalent to 20 percent of their championship season, second-level violators lose 40 percent of their championship season, and third-level offenders are suspended for 365 days and lose any athletically-related financial aid.

In regards to individuals who have had violations prior to the revisions, the policy reads: “The prior conduct of a student-athlete will be taken in [sic] account when determining appropriate sanctions for violations of the Policy.”

Student-athletes hope for further clarification on prior offenders.

“After meeting with the senior class athletes and reviewing the revised policy, a poll was taken and the majority of teams support the new policy pending clarification on the final section pertaining to the ‘Effective Date,'” Shaw said Monday night.

Stay with The Lafayette for more updates later on this week.

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    William Rappolt '67Sep 26, 2013 at 1:39 pm

    This is a sensible revision to an ill considered policy that put student athlete’s at risk. I am gratified that our President saw the need to intervene and correct what might have been a disaster. Also I commend our student athletes for finding a better way!! Well done to those who were responsible.