Letter to the Editor (9-27-13)

Dear Lafayette Community,

We as Student Government feel it is important to respond to the past week’s letter to the editor published on September 20 2013, written by Derek Pizzaro. In this letter, it was alleged that Student Government used “exclusive language” to unfairly target athletes. We feel this allegation could not be further from the truth. As representatives of the student body, in its entirety, we strive to ensure every student voice is heard, including those of our fellow athletes.

In response to the policy changes, I as Student Government President, helped to organize a group of senior-athletes to gather feedback, formulate a response, and ultimately change the final policy. Subsequently, I met with the senior-athlete representatives to draft a formal response to the policy, including suggested revisions. Finally, the representatives and I met with Bruce McCutcheon, Director of Athletics, to present their findings and negotiate an amicable solution. Recently, this has produced a desirable outcome.

Student Government is resolute in our commitment to represent and support the entire Student Body, including athletes. We take this commitment very seriously and hope if any concerns arise from a community member, he or she should feel welcome to contact Student Government in order to become better informed.

Our email address is [email protected], and we invite feedback from any and all community members. We thank you for your support and we look forward to future interactions.
All the Best,

Michael E. Prisco
President of Student Government
[email protected]