Letter from the Editor


Dear Lafayette:

Journalism is an integral part of a well-functioning society. When the President of the United States labels the media the “enemy of the people” time and again, he stands in stark contrast not only with reality but the history of the nation. It is a terribly insensitive thing to say following the tragic shooting at the Capital Gazette in Maryland where five people were shot and killed in the local newspaper’s office in June. It is simply astonishing that such a campaign against journalism exists in our country today.

As I and the previous editor have noted, The Lafayette does not face the same criticism as the national news media, and surely does not serve such a role as the national news media. However, this does not mean that our work can’t be hindered by the viewpoint that newspapers are fake, biased and a nuisance to society. I simply ask members of the community to not adopt these insidious attitudes and to be mindful of this national climate in which they thrive. Allow our reporters a seat at the table in your meetings, speak candidly with them and let us continue to report honestly and fairly on the Lafayette community. We are a forum where you can reach your community and where the community can assess itself, but we cannot serve our purpose without you.

I’m very excited that after a year of being editor-in-chief, I am fortunate enough to have such an experienced editorial staff, who I know will continue performing excellently in their roles. I hope you will engage with our reporting this semester, as we work diligently not for our own benefit but for yours.


Kathryn Kelly ‘19