The Last Top Ten: Classes To Take Spring Semester:


Photo by Tom for The Lafayette

Shocking as it may seem, it is already time to start considering what classes to take during the spring semester. While picking classes is a thrilling time for you Type A personalities out there, for others it can be stressful. I personally picked through the course catalogue and highlighted the top ten courses to take. I highly suggest waking up at a nauseatingly early hour on registration day to claim spots in these. Happy hunting!

1. PROCRASTINATION 111: Netflix and You
2. ENG 201: Tweets from the American Revolution
3. GEO 105: Geography of New Jersey
4. ES 101: Complaining about Your Workload to Any Poor Humanities-Majoring Soul Who
Will Listen
5. HIST 107: History of Wawa
6. EVST 110: Global Warming Through a Conservative Lens
7. FREN 300: How to Pronounce the Marquis de Lafayette’s full name
8. MUS 104: Differentiating Between Dubstep and Sounds of Oechsle Construction
9. FAMS 211: The Batman Trilogy
10. GEO 321 (cross-registered with MUS 234): Rocking and Rolling.