Week in Review: Morningsiders

Week in Review: Morningsiders

Photos by Elizabeth Lucy ‘15 and Willem Ytsma ‘16

Last Friday, Morningsiders, a Folk-Pop Americana band from Columbia University, performed at the college. After an exceptional concert, the band members spent the rest of the night with students. Elizabeth Lucy ‘15 and friends took the band on an Easton adventure.

“The clincher was taking them to the Quadrant and Farmer’s Market the next morning,” Lucy said.

The band ate at Don Juan’s, visited Phi Psi, and, obviously, had a jam session.

“They’re normal kids,” Lucy said. “But they sit around and create such beautiful things. I was baffled.”

Morningsiders plans to release their premier EP this spring. Their appearance at Lafayette was their last concert before heading back to the studio. It seems that their final stop at the college was an enjoyable one.

“[The band members] came here and were like, ‘Why did I go to Columbia?” Lucy said.