Blood ties: How Lafayette siblings coexist on campus

Twins Kelley (left) and Lauryn Harris are involved in many of the same activities on campus, such as Alpha Phi sorority.

Twins Kelley (left) and Lauryn Harris are involved in many of the same activities on campus, such as Alpha Phi sorority.

Photo by Elizabeth Lucy ‘15

From identical twins to brother-sister duos, sibling pairs on campus hold a special presence on campus.

“It’s nice having him around in case I ever need anything or just to chat, and it’s nice being able to talk about things and know who the other person is talking about,” Christine Pigott ‘16 said of her older brother Matt Pigott ‘14.

Their dynamic as siblings has changed, as they are both in Greek life. Christine is in Alpha Gamma Delta, and Matt is in Delta Upsilon; they know more of the same people and can talk without having to explain who everyone is. Christine said it was initially “hard to not intrude on his social circle” as he was the first of the Pigotts to attend Lafayette, yet their relationship has grown over the past two years.

Rose Wiley ‘14 and younger sister Alexandra ‘16 say that they enjoy having each other at Lafayette. Both Rose and “Za” like having family close on campus—Rose particularly likes how easy it is for both of their parents to come up and visit them at the same time, especially over parents’ weekend.

Za says the best part of having her sister on campus was having a physics class together last semester.

“Nothing beat having an 8 a.m. with my sister.” Za said.

“Physics was really funny,” Rose said. “We would actually sit next to each other.”

The two are members of AGD and affectionately refer to each other as their “biological sister” in terms of Greek sisterhood. They also love to go out and root for each other at sports events.

“It’s nice being able to go support [Rose] at her cross country and track events, since she’s right here,” Za said.

Even though both Rose and Za did not think that they would end up at the same school together, it has worked out and strengthened their relationship.

Lauryn Harris ‘14 and her sister Kelley ‘14 are twins who are involved in a lot of the same activities. The twins said they “share similar interests, which have led us to join similar organizations and similar extracurricular positions.” Both sisters are members of Alpha Phi, share economics-related majors and participated in club sports. Additionally, both Lauryn and Kelley hold leadership positions within the Landis-run Lafayette Blood Drive Organization.

On deciding to attend Lafayette together, the twins said “why not have my best friend with me a few more years before we set off in our own directions after college?” Lauryn and Kelley have upheld the unique bonds that twins share.

“We definitely strive to create our own personal identities but being a twin is an important part of my life and always will be,” Lauryn said. “She is my rock for sure.”