Can you handle The Truth? The newest a cappella group on campus

The Truth performs at Evening of a Cappella last Saturday.

The Truth performs at Evening of a Cappella last Saturday.

Photo by Elizabeth Lucy ‘15

Amongst the established a capella groups on campus, The Truth, has distinctly different qualities, and a little more soul. The student-run gospel music group, The Truth, was founded last year, as members boldly reached out to make their mark.

Starting small, The Truth has inched its way into events on campus. Making their first debut on campus this semester, The Truth has performed at family weekend and Evening of A Cappella. The singers will be performing in concert at the end of the first semester with other musical organizations.

The Truth focuses on gospel, soul, and R&B music, and uses instruments to enhance this sound, which distinguishes the growing group. What truly sets them apart, though, is The Truth’s aim to send a unifying message to its audience.

“The Truth focuses on music that sends a message of diversity and inclusiveness,” said president Nikelia Haines ‘15.

The Truth’s name is derived from this message and has become the group’s identity.

“It sounds really corny but the messages we sing we like to think are the truth,” Haines said.

Although the group has performed at religious events, being religious is not a requirement to become a member. The only true dedication needed is a love for the full, soulful, expressive music that The Truth executes so well.

Given its diverse genre and message, The Truth has qualities to take root as a successful and growing a cappella group on campus.

“I want to come back to campus in ten years and see that The Truth, the group that I helped start, is still around,” Haines said. It is her hope that The Truth establishes itself just as other singing groups have.

The spring semester will be a time of exploration and expansion for The Truth. They are looking forward to experimenting with new music and sounds, such as an Adele mash-up, and will be performing with a band at their last concert of the year. The group is also searching for new members, and will hold auditions in the beginning of the spring semester.