Cold weather culture shock

Sarah Walko ‘15 bundles up for the cold weather outside of Soles residence hall.

Sarah Walko ‘15 bundles up for the cold weather outside of Soles residence hall.

Photo  by Elizabeth Lucy ‘15

As the seasons are changing, some Lafayette students from warmer parts of the world are not chill with the colder weather in Easton.

“I really dislike this weather,” Amanda Furtado ‘16, who is from Brasilia, Brazil, wrote in an email. “To run away from it, I try to wear as many layers I can and stay inside more often.”

She said the “pretty” sight of snow makes up for the cold weather, but when there is no snow on the ground it isn’t exactly ideal.

Garrett Sweeney ‘17, a member of the golf team from Roanoke, Va., said he has to wear ski pants while golfing which “severely limits” his mobility.

“I actually have to wear pants [instead of shorts],” he said.

“When I went back for Thanksgiving I could wear shorts and a t-shirt and it was like paradise again,” Los Angeles native Chris Bouquet ‘17 wrote in a text.

While the weather in Easton, Pa. can be quite frigid and tough to get accustomed to, students say more layers and jackets can help those adjusting become cool with it..

“I bundle like no other,” Bouquet said. “I don’t have a really heavy jacket so I just wear really inconvenient amounts of layers of shirts and sweatshirts.”

Abigail Williams ‘15, who is from Sacramento, Calif., was worried about the cold weather before coming to Lafayette. In Sacramento “anytime it’s colder than 50 degrees most people act as if the Ice Age is upon us,” she wrote in an email.

To prepare for the cold weather, Williams said she “had to purchase snow boots, a puffy jacket, wool socks, and ear warmers.”

“Having the correct wardrobe for the colder weather has made all of the difference and the adjustment was easy,” she wrote. “I still don’t have an ice scraper for my car though. Last year I used my frequent user card from Cosmic to scrape off the snow.”