Thank you, Plant Operations

I would like to extend my thanks to Plant Operations for the remarkable job they have been doing maintaining the school grounds in this horrendous weather.

Since Monday, Plant Operations staff could be seen in the early morning shoveling walkways and stairs in front of dorms, as well as late in the night plowing roads so that cars can drive safely on the streets that run through the campus. All the while, they maintained the essential functions of a working campus, like ensuring that heat and electricity are provided to buildings and making sure indoor hallways are clean.

On a personal note, I would like to thank the three Plant Operations staff members who on Monday came and dug my car out after I got it stuck trying to turn into the Watson Courts parking lot. I’m sure the last thing they wanted to do is dig out an idiotic student’s car on a day when the snow was coming down in droves.

Even though some walkways are still covered in slush and ice, Plant Operations has done an overall great job considering the current conditions, having to do walkways multiple times due to the continuous snowfall throughout the day. On a sloping campus like Lafayette’s it is hard to cover every single road and walkway, and I want to thank Plant Operations for doing the best job they can clearing paths in a timely manner.

I know some students think that Plant Ops hasn’t kept up with the weather’s assault on the Lehigh Valley, but I couldn’t disagree more.



Matt Mitterhoff ‘16

News Editor