Top Ten Things that would be more exciting to watch than last Sunday’s Super Bowl


Photo by Tom for The Lafayette

Regardless of how excited you were, how much guacamole you bought, or what team you rooted for, it’s pretty certain that you found the Super Bowl this past Sunday dull. If I wanted to watch something get destroyed on television I’d most certainly pick something different than Peyton Manning’s dreams (Peyton, if you’re reading this, it’s ok; time heals all wounds). I now present to you the top ten things I’d rather have watched/found more exciting than the Bronco’s demise:


1. Last year’s Super Bowl commercials

2. Taylor Swift ‘dancing’

3. Real broncos vs. real aquatic hawks

4. A full-length Full House reunion without Oikos Yogurt

5. Ice melting on the Quad

6. A jaguar vs. an army of snakes

7. The Budweiser puppy commercial played on a loop

8. Lafayette vs. UNH

9. A hermit crab documentary

10. A televised Nickleback concert