The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

The Lafayette

The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

The Lafayette

The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

The Lafayette

For the bad Valentine

If you happen to be what most would consider a “bad Valentine” and you’ve waited until the very last minute to plan your evening with your significant other, here’s a few tips that will make it seem like you haven’t just been reminded about today’s holiday.

While most restaurants are all booked-up and have stopped accepting reservations for romantic dinners, there are still a few places looking out for those of us who have not yet finalized our eveing. Setta Luna, with its rustic Italian cooking and intimate atmosphere is predestined for the quintessential “bella notte” all Valentines have longed for since the meatball scene in Lady and Tramp. Here’s why you’re in luck: this city favorite does not accept reservations, leaving it up to the best man to secure spot and a wonderful meal for him and his date.

If you wish to truly impress your Valentine and surpass the standard dining experience, take a stroll to Terra Cafe and sip on hot drinks.

For those of us who did not book a flight to Paris in time or simply do not wish to risk the icy walk down to Easton, don’t worry, you can still bring romance to College Hill. While a romantic scavenger hunt around campus wouldn’t be a bad idea, it may be a bit chilly, and you may want to spend this Valentine’s Day in your dorm. The evening calls for something out of the ordinary, so whether it be a night of old movies and Chinese takeout, a karaoke party, slow dancing in your dorm room, a binge trip to Wawa, playing truth or dare, sledding and building snowmen, or even cooking dinner together, try something new and enjoy the plunge.

In the end, just remember that we are all hopeless romantics at heart, and anything you do, even if it’s last minute, it’s the thought that counts. While Valentine’s Day is without a doubt all about the flowers, hearts, and chocolate cover strawberries, it is also about showing you care beyond the dinner date, and so my bad valentine;


Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Valentine’s sweet,

Let’s hope you are too.

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