The Last top 10: Things to do in the Olympic Village


Photo by Tom for The Lafayette

With the Olympics wrapping up soon, it’s only appropriate to take a look back and reflect on how much fun they are. The Olympics are great, especially when we win. But even the Olympics have their quirks and problems. While I wasn’t lucky enough to experience Sochi for myself, I can only imagine all the things I would have loved to do had I been there. Thus, I give you, dear reader, the top ten things to do in Olympic Village. Enjoy and God bless the US and its (currently) 23 medals.


1. Light the last Olympic ring

2. Take a BuzzFeed Quiz to find out “Which Putin are you?” to learn about yourself on a deep and personal level (I was sad Putin)

3. Play with Gus Kenworthy’s puppies

4. Go to the beach

5. Console Shaun White

6. Import snow

7. Scavenger hunt for Jamaican bobsledding team’s sled

8. Drink yellow water, acquire super powers

9. Stay within the borders of Olympic Village

10. Ask a neighbor to borrow a pillow