The Last Top 10: Rejected #PardHashtags


Photo by Tom for The Lafayette

One question has plagued the Lafayette student body recently: does a pard roll? Some students and faculty have been troubled by the idea that a unique and creative college like Lafayette stole their signature hashtag from The University of Alabama in lieu of creating one for themselves. I can only imagine that our beloved Marquis would be rolling (potentially like a pard) in his grave if he knew of this hashtag travesty. Luckily, Lafayette Student Government has come in clutch at the final hour, constructing a competition for students to create their own hashtags in an initiative to replace “#rollpards.” While there can only be one winner, there are plenty of losers. I present to you the Top Ten Rejected Submissions:


1. #WeAre

2. #aPARDtheid

3. #BallSoPard

4. #TimesArePard

5. #RespectTheSword

6. #LiveFreeOrDiePard

7. #Leppers

8. #PARDonUs

9. #StopKony2012