Powell to the People: A cut under the rest


Graphic by Tom Parsons ‘15

Kim Jong-un has reportedly passed a law that states that all men in the North Korean capital of Pyongyang have to get haircuts identical of that of their leader.

As if being cut off from society in North Korea and having your city named Pyongyang wasn’t bad enough, now all the inhabitants will be running around looking like Moe Howard on a bad hair day.

Kim has cut up before, but this is just shear madness. I thought he had cut back on the crazy since he thought he could take on the United States. Not.This guy needs to cut it out with all these attempts of showing dominance over his people. There are other ways of ensuring the loyalty of your forced constituents are a cut above the rest. He just won’t cut his citizens a break! If you try and protest an idea, or any idea for that matter, you can bet you’d receive more than a few cutting remarks. He claims to be distinctively different from his father, but they seem to be cut from the same cloth. I want to cut him some slack and try to see the situation from his side, but I can’t. He’s a loon anyway you cut it. The fact that he thought it was a clear-cut decision to have a conversation of any importance with Dennis Rodman should’ve set off red flags. He’s still planning on going to war with South Korea knowing full well that he’s going to get cut down by the U.S. This is a prime example of someone not cut out for office. The world should just cut their losses and get rid of him.