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For as long as I’ve been writing this column, my editors have forced me to hold in the dedication and pride I feel for Philadelphia. I was forced to write about topics that, in my mind, don’t matter, at least not in comparison to Philadelphia.

Now, in the grand finale of GM’s Office, I can finally say it. And again, and again, and again, and again. I love Philadelphia. It’s The City of Brotherly Love, not the City of Your Sister’s Easy-Bake Oven, so if I sound like I’m on the offensive, it’s because I am. And you know what, sometimes brotherly love does mean snowball fights, and sometimes it means fistfights. But it also means family. We bleed for our teams and for each other.

My passion for Philadelphia started in 2001, in my third grade travel basketball season. But more importantly, it started when the 76ers made it to the finals. Allen Iverson. Game 1. The Step Over. Did I change my jersey number to No. 3 and make my parents buy me a shooting sleeve? Absolutely.

[Editor’s note: As I recall, that’s the only game the 76ers won]

The 2004 Eagles were next. David Akers was the best kicker in the league. Brian Westbrook was emerging as a real weapon. T.O. wasn’t a total idiot just yet, and scored 14 touchdowns, the most ever for an Eagle in a single season. Even Andy Reid was at his peak, taking the Eagles to the NFC Championship game for the fourth consecutive year. Oh, and this time we went to the Super Bowl.

[Editor’s note: Again…did they win? No? Alright then]

More recently, Philly fans can look back fondly at the Phillies. The H2O pitching rotation. Ryan Howard’s batting stance. Chooch, pre-Adderall and even more importantly, Jayson Werth, when his facial hair was only somewhat repulsive. Five straight division titles. Am I living in 2008? Yes. But hey, get Cole Hamels healthy and I guarantee he’ll lead us back to happier times.

[Editor’s note: Not anytime soon. The Phillies are laughable]

But just because we haven’t had statistic success in recent years (does tying the record for most consecutive NBA losses count?), doesn’t mean I, and other Philadelphia fans, won’t stand by our teams. Because that’s what family does.



[Editor’s note: We know.]

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    MomMay 13, 2014 at 8:55 pm

    Great piece Gina!