The Last Top Ten… Ways to Know it’s Spring at Lafayette


Photo by Tom for The Lafayette

Spring has sprung and Lafayette rejoices. Slowly but surely students are emerging from their dorm room hibernations and remembering what the warmth of natural sunlight feels like. In case you were are one of the few yet to come to the realization that the best season is upon us, here are the Top Ten clues to alert you that it’s spring:


1. The earth is tilted approximately 23.5 degrees on its vertical axis

2. Baby daycare on the quad is back and just as cute as we remember it

3. No mo snow

4. The sky is blue, rather than one of the multiple, depressing shades of gray winter introduced us to

5. Allergies.

6. Slacklining has returned to our quad, confusing and amusing the masses

7. The Class of 2018 Facebook group is well on its way to an Oreo scandal of its own

8. Housing lottery stress

9. The gym is packed with the smells of regret from winter Wawa runs and desperate hoping

10. Pastel shorts are back and more salmon than ever. All hail the Vineyard Vines whale.