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The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

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The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

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The Last Top 10… Reasons You Should be Let off the Waitlist

Photo by Tom for The Lafayette

Another registration has come and gone. While many of us walked away happy with our schedules, others weren’t so lucky. For the latter, the ever so dreaded waitlist is a concept that’s well understood. From the outside, looking in at all of the other lucky students who occupy the coveted spots in the class they were denied, waitlist kids are often bitter. But they are also proactive. As you waitlisted readers frantically try to email and meet with professors to secure spots for next semester, I’ve compiled a list to make the process, hopefully, a little easier. While I make no promises you’ll get your desired classes, I wish you the very best of luck trying. I give you the Top Ten reasons to give professors for why you should be let into their classes:

1 You need this. You must have it. Give you this class or give you death.

2 Major Requirements (this one’s serious…feel my pain…also please let me in your class).

3 Rate My Professor put a chili pepper next to the professor’s name.

4 You heard the final for this section is non-cumulative.

5 You will do virtually ANYTHING.

6 You are deeply, deeply passionate about Orgo.

7 The other section is being taught by a tough grader.

8 All of your friends are taking it.

9 Ever since you were a small child you dreamed of taking this very class.

10 Your last name is Oeschle.

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